11 Useful Tips for Preventing Home Burglaries

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There are a number of ways that home burglaries can be prevented, but the ones listed below are probably the most relevant.

In the past year burglaries have increased by 3,6% (SA Police Service crime statistics). Due to this, homeowners should ensure that they take precautionary measures for the protection both of their loved ones and their properties.

  • Home owners could be alerted by the installation of exterior motion sensor lights and also exterior lights controlled from inside the house thus deterring criminals.
  • Burglars are deterred by CCTV since they fear being recognized on film and consequently recognized and caught. It is suggested that the camera is installed at the front gate so that visitors may be viewed in the safety of the house.
  • Ensure the alarm is checked regularly. Most insurance policies require the home owner to install alarm systems so the householder should check that they are always in good working order.
  • As criminals usually survey properties before proceeding it is advisable to frequently vary the times of your route when you return home.
  • Always use a trusted security provider who will be able to install an alarm system that will cover all areas of the property and also conform to the appropriate security industry standards. Test the alarm regularly so that in the event of a burglary an insurance claim may be rejected if the alarm is not working or if it is not set when the residents are away from home.
  • Make good friends with your neighbours thus ensuring an extra pair of eyes are watching your property.
  • Install automatic gates so that the property may be accessed without leaving the safety of your vehicle.
  • Be cautious when employing staff as many burglaries are ‘inside jobs’, either from information given by past or present employees. Often theft from employees is not covered in insurance policies so check to make sure.
  • Do not give keys to the house to strangers or service providers and in fact, when moving to a new home it is advisable to change the locks on all outside doors since previous owners or tenants may still have keys.
  • As criminals often hide in the bushes and long grass, make sure walls and gardens are kept clear and that the grass it regularly trimmed. Make sure that large trees near the wall and bushes near the windows are cleared. Ladders or poles should be kept in a locked garage.
  • Always make sure the windows and doors are secured. Install burglar bars or security gates and make use of them if windows are left open when at home.

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