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2016 - second dwelling permitted

2020 - three dwellings permitted


  • Title Deed - for any restrictions by council/neighbour/third party
  • Zoning - (ie what right does the owner have). Building lines, bulk, street and side access, height restrictions etc)

Role Players:

Three steps of the subdivision process:

  1. Consult a town planner together with your architect and land surveyor.
  2. You will need approval from your neighbours and registered letters need to be sent, informing them of the planned rezoning.
  3. Once approval from neighbours is obtained, the plans can be submitted to council for approval.


Sectionalising requirements:

  • Requires 2 dwellings on the ERF before applying and there must be building approved plans. (Cottage plus a Main house. The Second dwelling/cottage to be smaller than main dwelling) the second dwelling must be to plate height if not completed when applying. What does plate height mean? This commonly refers to the completion of the rudimentary structure. Typically, it refers to the walls having been erected and provides a platform for the next storey or the ceiling or the roof assembly to rest on a 'plate' of timber or steel on the top of the walls.
  • When submitting the sectioning of the two dwellings one can always Reserve the Right to extend if the intention is to have a third section on the ERF at a later stage. (A warning - Banks do not like bonding vacant land should the owner wish to dispose of the third section). An elevation and footprint for the third section will need to accompany the initial documents when submitting to sectionalise.
  • Only one water meter for the ERF is provided by council. One water meter will feed all sections on the ERF. Whereas in subdivision each ERF will have an independent water meter. The sections will therefore have a notarial tie.


Benefits of Sectionalising:

  • Sectionalising is cheaper than subdividing.
  • Takes less time for approval.
  • Minimum ERF sizes do not apply as the original ERF remains in tact as a whole. Unlike when applying for subdivision.
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