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Tree removal and trimming are vital for protecting the building's physical structures and maintaining its habitability as a rental property. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable home for the tenants who lease your property.

Part of that responsibility is ensuring the trees around the home do not interfere with the tenant's right to quiet enjoyment. Tenants may feel that this right has been violated if trees threaten them or tree roots act in ways that make it difficult to live in the home.

But the landlord's responsibility for tree removal and trimming is not just about making tenants happy. It is also about preventing anything that can damage the property. Looking after the trees in your rental home is not different from avoiding water damage to the property.

As a landlord, you do not want the tenants to cut tree branches at random since that could affect the curb appeal of your rental. You also don't want to leave the removal of invasive tree roots to the discretion of tenants. Tree maintenance should be part of your preventative maintenance for the home.

Why tree removal and trimming is vital for landlords

  1. Trees and your HVAC
    Trees can help your HVAC systems work better, or they can wreak havoc on them. They can drastically cut down on the amount of work your HVAC does by reducing the external temperature of the home. But trees can also hurt your HVAC system if tree pollen, leaves, and flowers find their way into the system. Trimming trees will help you boost the benefits while avoiding problems.
  2. Trees improve value
    With more tenants becoming concerned about the air quality inside and around the home, a tree's natural air purification system will make your home more attractive to higher-quality renters. A rental property with well-maintained trees will let you charge higher rents.
  3. Protect your tenants and your property
    If trees are not properly maintained, you risk tenants' lives and property and expose yourself to the risk of lawsuits. Unbalanced trees are a disaster waiting to happen; it may only take the next storm to bring them down. Ill-maintained trees also become a haven for pests.



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